5 factors should be understood when purchasing LED ceiling lights

  1. Check the lamp beads

Lamp beads are the core components of LED lamps. Different types and quality of lamp beads have different luminous efficiency and angle.Most of the lamps on the market today are single crystal beads, that is, only one crystal. The twin crystal lamp bead is more efficient than the single crystal lamp bead and has a longer life than the single crystal lamp bead. Compared with the three bulb lamps in the figure below, the light bulb with twin crystal lamp beads the smallest in the same light flux.With the same luminous flux, the number of the twin crystal lamp beads is obviously less than the single crystal lamp beads, which is more conducive to the optimization of the lamp size.As can be seen from the picture, the smallest of the three bulbs with the same 5W power belongs to the twin crystal lamp.

Therefore, consult the shopping guide when purchasing, try to choose the twin crystal lamp beads, not only long service life, but also luminous efficiency. The angle of illumination is relatively high and the use is also more extensive.

  1. Check the brightness

When purchasing LED lights, many consumers mistakenly think that the higher the brightness, the better the light bulb. In fact, this is a big mistake. Because the excessive light is like the glare of the sun at noon, it not only easily damages vision, but also affects physical and mental health. In particular, it is easy to cause children to be withdrawn, irritable, and irritable. Therefore, when selecting lamps, it is necessary to combine the lighting environment and refer to the luminous flux index of the product.Or pay attention to the brightness of the light, as far as possible choose the brightness of the lamps but not dazzling.

3.Observing color

Look at the color rendering index is to see the real color of the object under the light.The higher the realism of the object, the better the quality. For example, in the comparison of the two figures below, the picture on the left looks very real, and the picture on the right is obviously severely distorted.

You can use the color objects on hand under the light bulb to do the experiment. From a more professional point of view, you can use the color index to purchase. The general color index of lamps is better than 80. The higher the color index, the higher the reduction of objects under light.

  1. Look at the heat dissipation material

Since the light bulb will generate heat during the lighting process, the light bulb must have a good heat dissipation performance. The best material for cooling light bulbs is ceramics, followed by plastic aluminum and plastic. When purchasing, it is best to choose the bulb of ceramic material. Moreover, the effective contact area between the light source PCB and heat sink is tight, which is conducive to the conduction of hot air. Plastic materials should not be considered as much as possible to reduce the probability of danger.

  1. Look at the light bubble shell

The lamp bubble shell is commonly known as the lampshade. This part of the material largely affects the light transmission rate, glare and lighting effect of light and shadow. At present, the LED ball bubble shell on the market is generally dominated by PC and glass. Among them, the glass has the highest light transmission rate, better light transmission performance, and better light emission uniformity.It can reduce glare and spot conditions. But the disadvantage is fragile.

Most other bulbs use PC materials, and the light transmittance is slightly weaker, while the inferior PC cover is prone to aging and yellowing after long-term use.

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