How should different functional areas be arranged for lighting fixture?

Lighting fixtures are indispensable items for the home. They not only have lighting effects, but also have the function of decorating the room. With the increasing demand for lighting, the pattern of lamps has begun to change greatly in the market. 

Facing the gorgeous lamps, how to select the lamps suitable for the living room, introduce the collocation technology of lighting tools.The interior is a whole, from the wall to the table and chairs, all around the harmony of the overall style.

Therefore, the lighting in the living room is suitable for the whole. The guest room is a place to receive regular guests. Under the condition that satisfies the cooperation, we can choose the beautiful and generous lamps according to our own preferences.

Wear a few small chandeliers to create a specific wreath, although the effect will be good, it should be in line with the overall style .

 Different areas have different requirements than high light intensity. The room does not need bright light and only needs illumination.  If the living room is larger, scattering lighting can be chosen; the best is to choose a warm-tone light source to create a very warm atmosphere that will highlight the family. In the living room below 2.6 meters, it is not advisable to install a gorgeous multi-branched chandelier, giving a heavy and dreary  feeling, as if the space is crowded. When using a chandelier, the brightness of the upper and lower spaces should be uniform.

In addition, when choosing a lantern, let the lamp cover up, the light will shine on the ceiling, and the reflected light will become soft and easy. You may need some auxiliary lighting tools ,such as desk lamps. Wall lights are often installed on porches, corridors, and porches, mainly for guiding purposes. They are suitable for concentrated activities, such as reading.Indirect lighting can be adapted to different light changes, making people feel less bright and softer.

Safety is the most important issue in family life, and room lighting must be quality and safety. When buying lamps, we must choose good quality, you can consider the brand first. In addition, do not choose too exaggerated lighting equipment, family life should be based on exquisite elegance. For daily cleaning, loading and unloading and replacement work, you can choose to install convenient and simple atmospheric lighting.

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