How to choose a modern minimalist living room chandelier ?

The living room is the place where we have rest and activities, so the layout of is very critical. Living room lighting as part of the living room can not be sloppy in its purchase.So, how to choose a modern minimalist living room lamp?

The lighting design and lighting accessories of the modern minimalist living room lamp reflect the contour, layering and space of the living room. At the same time, it can highlight the three-dimensional color beauty of the furniture. These effects can be achieved by lighting, light sources, and the type of fixing device.

Avoid buying modern minimalist living room lights that expose the light directly because they are prone to glare and make the eyes uncomfortable.Lamp structures should be as simple as possible, easy to install, easy to load and unload, and suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Choosing a warm light source will create a harmonious atmosphere for the interior.Typically, the lighting configuration of the living room will use the interaction of the main lighting and auxiliary lighting to create a space atmosphere. Main lighting provides light for the living room. Usually, a chandelier or ceiling light with a top light source can be used here. According to the style the owner wants, it can have different effects.

When using a chandelier, be aware that the brightness of the upper and lower spaces should be uniform. If the brightness difference between the ceiling and the space below is too large, the living room will appear dark and uncomfortable. A room with a floor below 3 meters should not use gorgeous long chandeliers, which can make people feel heavy and frustrated, as if the space is crowded.In addition, you can choose the lamp with the shade up as the main light of the modern minimalist living room. When the light is shining on the ceiling, the reflected light makes people feel more gentle and easier.

In terms of auxiliary lighting, small modern minimalist living room lights such as wall and ceiling lights can be used as auxiliary lighting to enhance stratification of light.Most of the wall lights are installed in the entrance, hallway or foyer, mainly for guiding purposes.The use of floor lamps requires consideration of the height of the ceiling. People will feel too bright and not gentle enough if the ceiling is too low. Floor lamps are suitable for more intensive activities.

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