How to choose suitable LED ceiling lights ?

LED ceiling light is a new type of ceiling lamp designed and produced by using aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity and patented structure technology.

The selection of LED ceiling light is mainly considered from the following three aspects:

  1. Check the radiator used by the lamp:

The speed of heat dissipation of the lamp beads determines the degree of light decay and the service life of the whole lamp. The long working time in high temperature will accelerate the light decay and shorten the life. The brightness of the ceiling lamp is too poor to play the role of key lighting.

The radiator scheme of the LED ceiling lamp mainly includes an integral radiator method, a single lamp bead with a heat dissipation column method, and an external fan cooling method.The size of the radiator and the quality of the aluminum material will affect the speed of heat dissipation and also affect the price of the whole lamp.

  1. Check the power of the lamp(commonly known as the transformer):

The quality of the transformer also determines the life of the whole lamp. The service life of lamp beads is more than 50,000 hours.But if the Transformer is broken, the whole lamp will not be able to light up. The design scheme of electronic components used in the transformer determines the efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature appreciation, and service life.

Without the knowledge of the components, the user can make a preliminary judgment from the size and weight of the transformer, as well as the electrolytic capacitance used by the  manufacturer. The difference in the price of LED ceiling lamps, transformer quality accounts for a large proportion.If the user does not understand the component knowledge, he can initially judge the size and weight of the transformer, as well as the electrolytic capacitance used by the manufacturer. For the difference in the price of LED ceiling lamps, the quality of transformers accounts for a large proportion.

  1. Understand the brand and packaging of lamp beads:

The quality of the lamp beads determines the lighting effect of the LED ceiling light. The packaging process affects key factors such as lamp quality and heat dissipation. Lamp beads chips include American chips, Taiwan chips, and domestic chips.Different brands of lamp beads have different prices and different lighting effects.

Users can understand the lamp bead solution by consulting the manufacturer, depending on the integrity of the manufacturer. The ceiling lamps with extremely low prices are mostly made of defective products that have been eliminated from the chip production line.Such ceiling lamps tend to have inconsistent color temperatures, poor brightness, and short life. Users need to pay attention.

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