How to determine the opening size of the LED ceiling lamp?


How to determine the opening size of led ceiling lamp? To understand the most basic definition, what is the size of the hole? For this simple piece of lighting, the size of the opening hole is the proper cutting of the ceiling during the decoration process, the lamp is embedded, and the size of the cutting is the size of the opening hole!

The purpose of opening the hole is to allow the LED ceiling lamp radiator to stay in the ceiling, and the lighting lamp is exposed outside to achieve the best practical and beautiful display effect, so the determination of the size is arise spontaneously.

The ceiling light radiator and the "ear" spring need to be inside the ceiling, and the spring is mounted on both sides of the heat sink, so the diameter of the opening circle must be larger than the distance between the two springs.

The illumination panel of the ceiling light needs to be exposed outside the ceiling, and the diameter of the circle of the opening is required to be larger than the diameter of the outer ring.

  • After the size of the opening hole is determined 1, 2 points, the size can not have too much difference. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the LED ceiling lamp to be installed and easily loosen and swing. This causes safety hazards!

After the above three points can be fully done, it is easy to install the LED ceiling lamp. However, the best way is to determine the purchased led ceiling lamp brand and its corresponding opening size before installation. In this way, you can open the hole directly. Save a lot of time for calculation and operation. Instead of selecting products after opening the hole to adapter!

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