In house lighting fixture selection and installation considerations

As we all know, the lamp is an indispensable product for every family. It is set in every corner of the family to bring light. From the current market point of view, there are a variety of lamps, different lamps have different lighting requirements. Of course, when selecting lamps, we should also consider practicality in addition to the lighting requirements of lamps. So what is the best choice and installation of housing lamps? Let's have a look at it together.

Choice of house lamps

1.Overall Lighting

The so-called overall lighting is to cover the light of all rooms. Generally speaking, single or multiple chandeliers will be selected, but the room area and height should be considered when selecting. If the area is not large, it is recommended to use ceiling lights. The living room is recommended to choose a large number of ceilings or a light bulb with a chandelier.

2.Partial Lighting

Sometimes Partial Lighting is also required in the room. For this type of lighting, there are many styles, such as floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. In general, when watching TV in the living room, it does not need too much light, and the light generated by the floor lamp is more suitable and does not irritate the eyes. The exterior wall lights are soft and gentle, creating a good atmosphere.

  1. Choice of Light Intensity

It is well known that children are more sensitive to light. Too much light can easily cause damage to the eyes, so in other parts of the living room, different light intensity is also required. Therefore, the living room light should not only have one light intensity, but also need multiple illumination. When using, it is recommended to choose a chandelier that can adjust the intensity of light, so as to facilitate free control.

How to shop for living room lamps


When selecting, do not blindly covet cheap.First, check the quality, check the relevant quality certificate and pass certificate is complete. Although expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap is certainly not good. Low quality, hidden infinite, security is not high.

2.According to the Actual Situation

If the room is relatively high, it is recommended to use incandescent chandeliers and crystal lamps when selecting products. It can not only adapt to a wide range of lighting assistance, but also decorate the living room more luxuriously. If the room height is low, it is recommended to use ceiling lamps and floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, etc., so that the living room appears bright and generous, with a sense of the times.

3.According to the Overall Decorative Style

Different decorative styles should be selected correspondingly, so as to highlight the contour and layering of the living room, highlighting the three-dimensional sense of furniture and the beauty of color. The structure of the lamp is as simple as possible and convenient to install, which is convenient for loading and unloading and carry out some daily cleaning maintenance.

Installation and Precautions for House Lighting

Many people think that the chandelier in the living room can give a feeling of grandeur. However, it should be noted that the size and shape of the chandelier should match the space.

A large area of high-ceilinged living room can use crystal chandeliers; For small and medium-sized houses, small chandeliers or ceiling lights are more appropriate, do not bring space pressure.

In terms of lighting, the traditional residential culture emphasizes coordination and harmony. The lighting is too bright to be nervous and irritating; the lighting is too dark to make people feel depressed.

The lighting in the living room should be moderately strong and give a warm and harmonious feeling. At the same time, you can also use the corners of the living room to create a layered light to give the space a three-dimensional sense.

Bedroom: No chandelier above the middle of the bed
Bedroom bed in the middle of the top, it is best not to install chandeliers, mainly from the psychological considerations.

If you lie in bed and see a chandelier hanging directly above you, it can easily have a negative impact on the owner's psychology and affect the quality of sleep.

We may as well try to remove the chandelier, use the floor lamp and bedside lamp to replace, also good.
The bedroom installation wall lamp is also a very good choice, soft implicit, warm and romantic. Install rotatable lamps for easy reading.

The light in the bedroom doesn't have to be too bright. As long as it is comfortable and elegant, you can choose the lighting that can adjust the brightness.Because too strong or too dark light can make people feel uncomfortable.


Restaurant: Lights should not be too close to the dining table

The lighting of the restaurant should not be too large, and it should not be too close to the dining table. Otherwise, it will form an oppression on the dining table, which will easily cause adverse psychological effects when people eat.

It is also not advisable to use luminaires that are too distracting and have too many shadows. Minimize the use of glare-type light sources such as spotlights. Do not use flashing lights that are flickering, especially when lighting is not direct to the eyes of the diners.

The light source of the restaurant should use a soft yellow light system that increases appetite,so as to create a warm and peaceful dining atmosphere.


Other space: Avoid dark areas

The basic principle of other indoor spaces is to avoid the appearance of dark areas, so do not use a single central light source, but use a combination of multiple groups of light sources. For example, in the entrance, aisle and stairs, it is best to have lighting equipment, do not let the house have dark corners.

Setting up a lamp in the location of the missing corner of the house can play a remedial role. Setting up a long light at home or in a place where the sun is not shining all year round can increase the vitality.

The above is about the selection and installation of the house lamps and the contents of the precautions,hoping to provide some help to you.I believe that in the future installation process of the lamps, friends will be more handy.

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