What are the main styles of crystal lamps ?

Crystal lamps can be classified into crystal lamps, crystal chandeliers, crystal ceiling lamps, crystal wall lamps, crystal floor lamps, etc.. In addition, a method of classification according to style is also popular internationally. Divide it into the following categories:

  1. Simple modern style crystal lamp: composed of curves and asymmetrical lines, such as pedicels, buds, vines, insect wings. And various beautiful wavy patterns in nature. Some lines are gentle and elegant, others are strong and full of rhythm. The entire three-dimensional form is integrated with an orderly, rhythmic curve.
  2. European crystal lamp: European lamps pay attention to symmetrical spatial beauty. If you only copy the form without understanding the substance, it will inevitably destroy its grade and vulgar. The European lamp style is enduring because it emphasizes reasonable and symmetrical proportions. Many people often have the illusion that classicism is resplendent and magnificentor  However, the essence of European lamps is not like this. The beauty of European lamps is reflected in the details of the processing, and is a classic tempered by history. Therefore, European lamps give people a strong human atmosphere.
  3. Simple European lamp: also known as neo-classical Europeanlamp or European modern lamp. It is a collective name for home lighting with classical European lamp style and simple design elements. It has the characteristics of elegance, luxury and generosity of classical European lamps, as well as new features of simplicity and lightness.
  4. Modern Chinese Crystal lamp: Modern Chinese style design, also known as the new Chinese style. Modern Chinese style refers to the organic combination of tradition and modernity. It is a reasonable inheritance and development of traditional architectural culture. Imagine that it is a classical time travel to a modern home style. Therefore, it can also be called a home culture that passes through time and space. This style has more applications in today's architectural design and interior design.
  5. American country crystal lamp: American country style crystal lamp abandons the cumbersome and luxurious, and combines the outstanding elements of different styles. It is oriented by comfortable function and emphasizes "returning to nature", which makes this style more relaxed and comfortable.

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