What is a chandelier ? How to maintain and repair chandelier light ?

The chandelier is a type of lamp that can be hung on the ceiling to achieve a decorative effect. The light is refracted by the arm that supports the light source, which can achieve the function of illuminating the room. The earliest chandeliers began in medieval nobles and used candles for lighting. With a wooden cross, candles can be placed on the tip of the wooden cross. The entire device can be hung to a suitable height by a rope or a hook.After the beginning of the 15th century, the design of circular or crown chandeliers became more popular. It is widely used in palaces, nobles, monks, merchants, and other classes. The cost of lighting at night is very expensive, so the chandelier has also become a symbol of the wealthy class.After the appearance of electric lighting in 1890, the chandelier also began to use electricity for lighting. With the popularization of electricity and reliable supply, the electric chandelier has become the standard for chandeliers.

The chandelier can not be hung too short, whether with wires or with iron branches. Otherwise, it will hinder people's normal sight or make consumers feel very dazzling. Now, the chandelier's suspension has been fitted with Springs or height regulators that can be adapted to the requirements of different heights of the roof.

How to repair the broken Chandelier?

The internal structure of the chandelier is not to be taken care of by the consumer. You can take it apart,if you are interested.But the internal structure is also very simple.The light is just a few small wattage lights in parallel.In general, the driver and lamp have a fixed interface.

If the chandelier is not lit, either the drive is broken or the light itself is broken. So just try replacing the lamp or the drive and you 'll see.

Remove the chandelier: First, insert the screwdriver into the small suction cup and use the suction cup to suck the bottom of the lamp and easily remove it. One thing to note is that you should be very careful when removing the lights. There are two spring buckles on the back of the chandelier. Don't hurt yourself.

Replace the good chandelier after removing the lamp.If the light is on, it is because the replacement light is broken. If it still doesn't light, remove the drive. Use adhesive tape to seal the good drive and power line, and then connect the lamp to the drive. It can be judged that the original drive is broken if the light is on.

Drivers and LED lights can be purchased by yourself.

How to clean and maintain the chandelier?

Prepare the detergent solution according to the ratio of the instructions, and then assemble a long ladder and a high platform or a raised table.Use a sponge to dip a small amount of water and wipe each part of the chandelier . Then use a dry rag to polish each part of the chandelier one by one and replace them with new light bulbs.The last step is to turn on the power and check that the bulbs are intact.

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