What lamps are needed for decoration ?

First, wall lamps are mainly used for local lighting. If the ceiling is not suitable for installing lamps, or there is no roof, it is more appropriate to choose wall lamps.The wall lamp has a novel style and excellent decorative effect. Some wall lamps can also change the position and are extremely convenient to use.When determining the location of the style and type installation location, you have to choose according to your own needs.

Second, suction top lamps are mainly used in space without hanging items. The lighting effect of this type of lamp is very good, so it is widely used. However, the decorative effect of suction lamps is not good. If you want to use them in places where decoration requirements are high, you need to install lampshades. In the home, ordinary ceiling light is very suitable for the bathroom and other places.

Third, the most common lamps are hanging lamps. Using this type of lamp to form a different pattern, and then control the power can achieve the dual effect of lighting and decoration. Commonly used ceiling lamps include single lampshade chandeliers, chandeliers, and pendant chandeliers. The single lampshade chandelier has a simple structure and can create a gentle atmosphere; The chandelier can give people a kind of dynamic, strong atmosphere; The glass chandelier is magnificent and beautiful, which can make the room luxurious.

Fourth, the table lamp. In general, desk lamps are designed to serve a certain aspect of life. For example, work and study. There are many styles of lamps nowadays. Many lamps can change the lighting angle and different colors, and some have a good decorative effect.

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