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Mihao-lighting has been in the lighting industry for over 10 years. We started small factory and since then we have grown tremendously with customers reaching out to nearby areas internationally. We manufacture lots of products, and can provide clients a complete one-stop shop for all interior home design needs. We’re able to offer a wonderful collection while allowing us to give that extra care and attention each of our pieces truly deserve.

Whether you are looking for glam with shimmering crystal pendants, led lighting fixtures or rustic in wrought iron, we have various and extensive collection of spectacular lighting for every room in your home, which fits perfectly to create an elegant entryway or add a charming touch to the dining room or bedroom. We also have modern LED chandeliers ranging from simple and ornate designs to complement your existing decor.

Our team provides exclusive, custom designs to ensure that our product best fits the needs of our customers and help kick up a notch with a great chandelier. We will help you find the chandelier that suits every style and budget needs.

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